5 Stats that Explain Why Modern CRM Is Synonymous with Successful Marketing

Until recently, customer relationship management has revolved around two things – lead generation and interaction management. Its main purpose was to collect actionable customer data and store it within a centralized system for deeper insights, better decision-making, and risk-free strategizing.

But, CRMs have grown beyond that.

Marketing automation is now a big part of these comprehensive systems, with only the best CRM providers offering in-built features and tools for building successful campaigns.

Here’s why you’ll need to use them in 2018.

Modern Marketing is Data-Driven

CRMs are no longer mere repositories of information. The best solutions offer robust analytical features as well, thus serving as true bonanza of customer data. Not only are audience preferences neatly stored within a system, but they are also subjected to thorough analysis.

In result, these customer management tools can hand you out all the information you need for getting to know your audience’s needs, preferences, and pain points. In terms of effective segmentation and targeting, this information is invaluable.

The Future of Email Marketing is Personalization

  • Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates. (Experian)

Ever since email has returned to our marketing agendas, the entire point of building email marketing campaigns has been to get leads and inactive customers to react. Immediate engagement is now fairly easy with effective CTAs, but not until the recipient takes a glance at your email and marks it as spam.

If you want to secure click-through and transaction rates, personalization is paramount. Every email has to be custom-tailored to the buyer you’re addressing, which means that once again you need to turn to CRM for help. Without 360-degree customer view, personalization is impossible.

Segmentation and Targeting Are Half of Success

For the same reason as cited above, emails that are properly segmented and targeted can achieve your marketing goals without any help from other advertising techniques. They are half of the job, but they do require a copious amount of customer data. If only there was a tool to help you collect it.

Oh wait, there is.

The Biggest Customer Engagement Trends Are Social

  • 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. (Ambassador)

Customer engagement is progressively moving in the direction of customer convenience. Everything that’s offered to consumers is very easy to consume, and branding and marketing are no exception. Since they have no time nor patience to come to you, you need to approach them on their own terrain.

Where else than on social media, though? Marketing on these platforms is still just as effective as via email, but it comes in greater number of forms and sizes. On social media, your online presence is your biggest ad. It goes without saying that you need CRM data to make it engaging and delightful.

Social Media Ads are Rarely Effective If They Are Not Targeted

  • 78% of marketers are satisfied with their Facebook ads. (Contently)

Alternatively, you can choose actual advertisements to speak in your behalf. They need to be carefully targeted too, which for the one last time returns us to the data harnessed from your CRM. Some solutions even offer flexible integration capabilities with popular social networks, so make sure to look into that.

Cutting-edge CRMs are capable for much more than basic customer relationship management. For more information on everything they can do, visit https://www.bpmonline.com/crm/customer-management-software. If you want to be clever with your marketing, look no further than CRM tools.

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5 Stats that Explain Why Modern CRM Is Synonymous with Successful Marketing

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