4 Ways to Get the Most Accurate Property Valuation

Accuracy is always the key when it comes to property valuation. You want potential buyers to know exactly how much your property is worth so they can make the right decision. Without the right price estimate, you might try selling your property at a very high price and people might be turned off. They might think that you are overpricing the property intentionally. On the other hand, if you underprice the property, there will be lots of potential buyers, but you won’t maximise your profit on the sale.

To accurately value the property, you need a quality property surveyor. They will make sure that the property is sold at the right price eventually. However, just because you are getting someone to do the job does not mean everything will end well. Here are some ways to get the most accurate property valuation.

  1. Full valuation

There are drive-by inspections where the surveyor does not necessarily go to your place to carry out a full valuation of the property. They will just sign a generic document and you will pay for it. Although the document is still valid technically and people might believe you if you use it, you will still forfeit the purpose of asking for a property valuation in the first place. If possible, always choose a full property valuation.

  1. Finish the improvements and repairs

The valuation of your property will include all the necessary details and all pending repair issues which could lower the price of the property. It is important that you take the time to fix what needs to be fixed or go for full renovations if you want to see the best results. It takes at least 2 months to get things done. You should also study what type of repairs or renovations will have the highest return on investment and prioritise those.

  1. Never sell to your surveyor

Some property surveyors are keen on buying property. They are also in the real estate business. If you sell it to them, they might intentionally undervalue the property so you sell it at a lower price. Although there are quality surveyors who are truthful, it is still tempting to undervalue the property if you are open the idea of selling it to them.

  1. Choose an experienced property surveyor

Before hiring someone to do the job, make sure that he has enough experience. It is not just about property valuation in general. It also has to do with his knowledge of the locality and his ability to easily value a property. Experience will help a lot in accurately setting the value for your property.

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4 Ways to Get the Most Accurate Property Valuation

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