Fraud Alert! How to Steer Clear of Fake Gold

In times of economic uncertainty, investors flock towards gold, that most steadfast precious metal. What else is there? Gold represents a strong investment with potential for huge returns. But as prices increase, counterfeiters are always on the lookout for ways to make a quick buck. Precious metal fraud is alarmingly common, so watch out. It isn’t just investors who want to cash-in on demand. Beware, as fraudsters are doing all they can to inundate the gold market with fake coins and bullion. Get your facts straight to avoid being swindled. Discover how to spot fake gold and how you can stay safe from counterfeiters.

Changing Tactics and Increasing Quality

Technological advances have enabled counterfeiters to produce ever-more convincing coins and bullion. This is a big concern for investors as you never know when a fake coin or bar may turn up in your stash. When you’re investing hard-earned money, it’s never a good sign when your investment proves fruitless. Experts could identify fakes relatively quickly in the past, but these days it isn’t so easy.

There was a time when you could identify counterfeit coins merely at first glance. This was mainly due to obvious flaws that wouldn’t appear in the real thing, as well as inauthentic or poorly sealed packaging. Now, however, with more advanced counterfeiting practices available, it’s easier than ever before to make an authentic looking counterfeit coin or bar. Moreover, packaging has improved as well, to the point that they are virtually undetectable except by experts.

You might be thinking, But that won’t happen to me, or It’ll be fine. Wrong. Don’t underestimate fraudsters, as they are willing to expend time, energy, and expense to counterfeit any gold product you can think of. It’s essential for you to learn how to protect your investments and steer clear of counterfeit products.

Protecting Yourself from Fake Gold Products

Our advice for buying gold? Buy from dealers with top-quality authentication technology. Do your research on any dealers you’re interested in. Ensure they conduct proper testing on all their products. It’s worth brushing up on the different technology and testing types available too. That way, you’ll be prepared for any counterfeiters that come your way. Don’t let them get the better of you. Deal only with reputable dealers like us.

Only the Real Deal

At Indigo Precious Metals, we only deal in the real deal. We use the best authentication technology to ensure all our products are 100% authentic. With us, you don’t have to worry about burying your gold in the back yard or keeping it under the bed. Our safe deposit house in Singapore is one of the most secure and respected in the world. Whether for bullion or coins, we know how to separate the real thing from phony fakes. Rest assured, your investment will be safe with us. Our vaults are fully allocated and segregated, fully insured, and boast high-security storage with the latest in high-security monitoring. With armed guards, full body scanners, and seven-ton doors, no one can touch your gold but you. Get in touch today at to learn more.

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Fraud Alert! How to Steer Clear of Fake Gold

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